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Tuesday, July 17 2018

This is a reply to Bob Frost who contacted us via the contact form. I tried to reply by email but it says there's no such address. Bob asked "Is the Hall of Fame going to be in Converse, SC." I hope somehow he sees this message.


Hi Bob.
No way. Tiny Converse is where I live. It is our TEMPORARY address for receiving mail. Our board of directors has now been completed, and are working on possible locations, speaking with the powers that be. It is crucial to have the full support of the city it is located in. That's the most important aspect. We are also in talks with our financial backers, so hopefully, we will be able to kick the thing into drive. Also, we may do like the Blues HOF in Memphis, and have our first induction ceremony as a fundraiser. They did that for a few years before the building came to be. At 61, Im hoping ours wont take that long! Thanks for contacting us!  Buffalo

Friday, July 06 2018

We are happy to announce the addition of a new member of the Board of Directors for the Southern Rock Hall of Fame & Museum. We welcome Mr. Billy Bob Thornton (originally from Arkansas, currently residing in Hollywood) to our Board. Billy brings a vast musical knowledge to the table, including a deep abiding love for, and knowledge of the histories of bands like the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and many others, many of whom he calls friends and/or associates. Thank you Billy, and welcome! 

Monday, July 02 2018


Busy time. I am preparing for a major surgery so we kind of put things on hold temporarily . We now have a board of directors for the non profit. When we switched from Go Fund Me because they were taking a sizable chunk of the donations, I joined an organization called Network for Good. After setting it up we have had not a single donation. It's linked from the front page of the website. We are looking into it because to donate, they ask for folks to fill out information such as address, etc which is really smart so we can keep in touch, but as I said, no donors.

Meanwhile, we have a Grant Writer on Board who is about to approach the various government entities for money. A large part what we got from donations has gone for legal fees and setting up the offices as we continue to grow. The physical building will be VERY EXPENSIVE, unless we get the building donated. Still, its a very expensive and time consuming thing.

I have met with curators of a dozen museum and halls of fame, and it took them anywhere from 5-10 years before they has a building. I was there for the grand opening in the blues hall of fame (Memphis) 2 years ago. They got the building 8-10 years after they started, but had induction ceremonies every year prior! But we have a few guys interested that may be able to help in a big way, plus the grants, so we are on it. Look for another update soon.

Meanwhile, donations are greatly needed. Go to the link on the website, or mail a check, made out to Southern Rock Hall of Fame to SRHOF, PO Box 44, Converse, SC 29329. to Thank you!

Thursday, March 29 2018

Rose Rollins of Lexington, SC is a repeat contributor to the Hall of Fame, having made donations in the name of family and frynds. Today we received another money order in the mail from Rose that deserves speial recognition. Her hand written card (which we are saving for display in the museum) states that while looking through records at the local flea market, she found a copy of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Nuthin' Fancy LP and bought it. She later discovered the album was a very special copy of the classic album. As she wrote, "It turned out to be really fancy when I found a hundred dollar bill inside."  So what did Rose do? She donated the money toward the Hall of Fame. I call that a true supporter and friend of the Hall. Thank you Rose, for your continued support.

We depend on donations to pay the day to day costs of operating the organization. See the Donations page to make a donation online or via US Mail. Thank you!  

Thursday, March 29 2018

The Board of Directors of The Southern Rock Hall of Fame and Museum proudly welcomes Greenville, SC based attorney Richard Smith and Sharon McFalls of Spartanburg. Sharon brings many years of experience working with non-profit organizations to the table, including an impressive tenure as Executive Director of a non-profit. Welcome Sharon and Richard. Thank you for your support and knowledge.

Thursday, March 15 2018

We are extremely happy to announce that we have implemented a new, easy to track platform for taking Donations to the Hall of Fame. All donations made electronically through the Network for Good link go directly to the Southern Rock Hall of Fame. Past platforms charged a substantial fee per donation, so we are indeed proud to partner with Network for Good. The donation button can be found on the front page of our website as well as on the Donations page. Please include your contact information on the form when you donate so that we can keep in touch with you as we progress toward our goal! Thank you.

Michael Buffalo Smith; Executive Director, Founder



Donate to the Hall of Fame Project 

Contributions are Tax Deductible.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 26 2017

I want to thank everyone involved with both the Full Moon Festival in Florida and the Earthfest in Greenville, especially organizers Jim Summer for Earthfest and Keith Hall for Full Moon, as well as the American Legion Lodge in Middleburg, Florida. Huge thank you's to all of the performers and behind the scenes folk who helped to create two fun filled events to help the Southern Rock Hall of Fame. Look for an article and photos in the December issue of KUDZOO Magazine. You all havew my deepest gratitude. Buffalo

Saturday, August 19 2017

I want to say "thank you" again to everyone who has donated to The Southern Rock Hall of Fame. Some of you have even donated more than once. It truly makes me happy that you guys are willing to help out. To me, the guy or girl who donates $10 is just as valued as one who gives $1000. Just getting the project started has cost thousands, and that's before getting a building. Please be aware that we have no idea how long it will be before we have a building. My friends at the Blues Museum in Memphis started online and held yearly induction ceremonies for eight years before they got a building. Also be aware that we are looking long an hard at options in all of the interested cities and the choice will be based on many factors, including interstate accessibility, the full support of the city, and other determining factors.
I also wanted to mention that if you do decide to donate, we want it to come from your heart. Don't ever feel guilty because you are unable to help, or because all you have to give is $10. And please don't ever feel pressured to donate. If you ever feel that way, I beg you, email me and tell me why, and we will try to change the approach. (
Meanwhile, please follow us on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter and visit the Official Website
A huge "thank you" to our volunteers who have helped out with spreading the word, helping organize and prepare for this massive project.
Although we don't yet have a building, we are actively seeking donations of memorabilia, stage used instruments, amps, branded road cases, artist worn clothing, paperwork, posters, contracts, cancelled checks, if it's southern rock or southern roots related, we'd love to hear from you. Of course, we would ask that you hold onto the item(s) until we get the building, unless they are paper goods and smaller items that we can securely store in the office. I have started a list of folks names and numbers and the items they have said they will donate to the museum.
That's it for now. Please stay tuned. Buffalo
Friday, June 23 2017

Well guys, it's been a long time coming, but we are getting closer every day to having a home of our own! A Hall of Fame that celebrates all of the great music that came out of the South (Isn't that just, "all of the great music" anyway). The website is launching on my 60th birthday, and I consider it a gift from God. My dream come true.Thank you to everyone who has generously made donations to help pay the many legal fees associated with the start up of a non-profit corporation! We truly could never have gotten this far without you all. 

Soon we will announce the list of nominees for the first class, the class of 2018! Ballots will be distributed to donors who have donated at least $100 to the project, as promised. These ballots will be added to those of our team of industry insiders, musicians and record producers. Each year the team will rotate out, with different annonymous members. The team consists of 20 people, who will vote for five bands, five solo artists, three side men, five songwriters, two producers, three industry insiders (engineers, publicity, etc), and ten albums and ten songs. Each year the Hall of Fame will also honor 1-3 individuals with the prestegious Southern Rock Legend Award. 

We are still looking for the perfect home for the physical Hall of Fame, and have been meeting with decision makers from at least six Southern cities. As you can imagine, this is no east task. The building imust be located in an easily accesible city, preferably with other attractions in the area. The primary requirement is that the city be willing to work with us so that we can help the economy of the city and state while the city supports the museum fully.

Updates will be posted here as the great news rolls in. Stay tuned to hear about three Southern Rock Hall of Fame fundraiser concerts and auctions coming later this year and in the spring.

Feel free to drop me a note at any time.

Thanks ya'll ! Keep on rockin', Southern style!

Michael Buffalo Smith; President

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