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The Southern Rock Hall of Fame
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Sunday, November 11 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Southern Rock Hall of Fame,

It is a humbling thing when one has to face the music and admit defeat. Sadly, such is the case with our efforts to launch a Southern Rock Hall of Fame and Museum as a nonprofit. There are many reasons behind our decision to pull the plug on the nonprofit aspect. First and foremost, sustainable museums are few and far between in the 21st century, and those that do make it are backed by deep-pocket investors. There’s simply no way to fund an ongoing museum on ticket sales and merchandise. We had a couple of such investors talking with us, but unfortunately, both passed on the idea, seeing it as a huge financial loss.

            After spending quite a bit of my own money as well as donations from the public, it became obvious a couple of months ago that running a non-profit can be quite expensive. Also, of the folks who had agreed to be board members, two of the primary people backed out due to personal reasons, while I myself ran headlong into another round of medical-related challenges, forcing me into two extended hospital stays, physical therapy and other issues. Believe me, it takes a lot of money and people to make a non-profit role.

            An additional issue is that, while southern rock does have its fans, we are a relatively small demographic that appears to be shrinking with each passing year. A profitable, self- sustaining museum for a small sub-genre of rock music is a true challenge. Of course, we are not giving up. A big thank you to all who supported the idea with cash or in-kind donations. We will continue to look forward and will never give up.

            Meanwhile, The Southern Rock Hall of Fame will continue in cyberspace. Many of you recently voted and the first class of inductees have been announced. Thank you to all who voted. Our message to anyone reading this who may have a love of southern rock music and deep pockets, please contact us! For more information, write us at

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