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The Southern Rock Hall of Fame
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Tuesday, July 17 2018

This is a reply to Bob Frost who contacted us via the contact form. I tried to reply by email but it says there's no such address. Bob asked "Is the Hall of Fame going to be in Converse, SC." I hope somehow he sees this message.


Hi Bob.
No way. Tiny Converse is where I live. It is our TEMPORARY address for receiving mail. Our board of directors has now been completed, and are working on possible locations, speaking with the powers that be. It is crucial to have the full support of the city it is located in. That's the most important aspect. We are also in talks with our financial backers, so hopefully, we will be able to kick the thing into drive. Also, we may do like the Blues HOF in Memphis, and have our first induction ceremony as a fundraiser. They did that for a few years before the building came to be. At 61, Im hoping ours wont take that long! Thanks for contacting us!  Buffalo

Friday, July 06 2018

We are happy to announce the addition of a new member of the Board of Directors for the Southern Rock Hall of Fame & Museum. We welcome Mr. Billy Bob Thornton (originally from Arkansas, currently residing in Hollywood) to our Board. Billy brings a vast musical knowledge to the table, including a deep abiding love for, and knowledge of the histories of bands like the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and many others, many of whom he calls friends and/or associates. Thank you Billy, and welcome! 

Monday, July 02 2018


Busy time. I am preparing for a major surgery so we kind of put things on hold temporarily . We now have a board of directors for the non profit. When we switched from Go Fund Me because they were taking a sizable chunk of the donations, I joined an organization called Network for Good. After setting it up we have had not a single donation. It's linked from the front page of the website. We are looking into it because to donate, they ask for folks to fill out information such as address, etc which is really smart so we can keep in touch, but as I said, no donors.

Meanwhile, we have a Grant Writer on Board who is about to approach the various government entities for money. A large part what we got from donations has gone for legal fees and setting up the offices as we continue to grow. The physical building will be VERY EXPENSIVE, unless we get the building donated. Still, its a very expensive and time consuming thing.

I have met with curators of a dozen museum and halls of fame, and it took them anywhere from 5-10 years before they has a building. I was there for the grand opening in the blues hall of fame (Memphis) 2 years ago. They got the building 8-10 years after they started, but had induction ceremonies every year prior! But we have a few guys interested that may be able to help in a big way, plus the grants, so we are on it. Look for another update soon.

Meanwhile, donations are greatly needed. Go to the link on the website, or mail a check, made out to Southern Rock Hall of Fame to SRHOF, PO Box 44, Converse, SC 29329. to Thank you!

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