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The Southern Rock Hall of Fame
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Friday, June 23 2017

Well guys, it's been a long time coming, but we are getting closer every day to having a home of our own! A Hall of Fame that celebrates all of the great music that came out of the South (Isn't that just, "all of the great music" anyway). The website is launching on my 60th birthday, and I consider it a gift from God. My dream come true.Thank you to everyone who has generously made donations to help pay the many legal fees associated with the start up of a non-profit corporation! We truly could never have gotten this far without you all. 

Soon we will announce the list of nominees for the first class, the class of 2018! Ballots will be distributed to donors who have donated at least $100 to the project, as promised. These ballots will be added to those of our team of industry insiders, musicians and record producers. Each year the team will rotate out, with different annonymous members. The team consists of 20 people, who will vote for five bands, five solo artists, three side men, five songwriters, two producers, three industry insiders (engineers, publicity, etc), and ten albums and ten songs. Each year the Hall of Fame will also honor 1-3 individuals with the prestegious Southern Rock Legend Award. 

We are still looking for the perfect home for the physical Hall of Fame, and have been meeting with decision makers from at least six Southern cities. As you can imagine, this is no east task. The building imust be located in an easily accesible city, preferably with other attractions in the area. The primary requirement is that the city be willing to work with us so that we can help the economy of the city and state while the city supports the museum fully.

Updates will be posted here as the great news rolls in. Stay tuned to hear about three Southern Rock Hall of Fame fundraiser concerts and auctions coming later this year and in the spring.

Feel free to drop me a note at any time.

Thanks ya'll ! Keep on rockin', Southern style!

Michael Buffalo Smith; President

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